Advisory, Trainers and Expertise


The Human Performance Improvement (HPI) training institute is fully ready to provide specialist advisory services on improvement and development of the human resources for free. Besides, we can formulate a comprehensive plan to improve the performance of the staff in your organization. The plan will include details on the process of the training, including specifying the training programs, their cost, schedule, and training methods. This is to make sure our clients will get the best outcomes from investment in their human resources. Also, this will ensure that the human resources will be efficiently familiarized with the latest managerial and business trends and progress in their jobs. Furthermore, this will contribute to the fulfillment of strategic objectives.


In early 2001, HPI widened its circle of training experts, as well as improved the quality of training by cooperating with regional and global training institutions that specialize in human resources training and development. Therefore, HPI has contracted with professional and highly skilled trainers who have both practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge. Moreover, HPI maintains extensive relationships with globally renowned training professionals who deliver lectures on various topics at major regional or western universities and high schools.


Arabic & International Trainers Expertise: As a major priority, HPI is seeking to provide excellent training programs that meet the needs of the public and private sectors in various knowledge fields. Taking into consideration trainee capacity and the hierarchy of job titles, training programs are designed to meet training objectives, work environment and targeted audience needs. Therefore, HPI collaborates with regional and international bodies that are deeply grounded in providing advanced educational methods. In addition, it has contracts with a number of local and external training professionals from major regional and western universities and high schools who possess both practical experience, as well as theoretical knowledge.

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